What is the difference between a Medium and a Psychic?

“Every Medium has psychic ability but very few psychics are Mediums”. – Daniel Hawken

Mediums are able to see, hear and feel people who are in the spirit world.  Mediumship is something that generally runs in families and most Mediums knowingly, or unknowingly have the ability from birth.

Genuine Mediums are very accurate as the information they receive comes directly from spirit. With a Psychic they rely on their hunches and intuition, or cards. Daniel will only use Tarot cards at your request.

While in many readings a spirit will come through, you cannot decide who it is that will come through, spirits have their own mind and will decide if they want to come through or not, though.. in most cases Daniels finds that most people that you are wanting to connect with, come through.

Daniel is also psychic. During a reading with Daniel he can take a look at your life path. Daniels works best if you let him take control of the reading and not overload him with questions, though, as Daniels readings are conversation style, if you relax and be open minded most of the things you are wanting to know will be answered.

There is a reason Daniel is Australia’s most popular Spirit Medium and one of the world’s Top 10 Mediums.