Daniel Hawken

Providing Readings for over 20 years

Daniel Hawken is an Australian Spirit Medium with a loyal international following.

For the past twenty years Daniel has established himself as an accurate, intuitive Spirit Medium who is truly unique. Daniel travels Australia and the globe regularly to provide private readings for his clients. Daniel also tours and holds live shows.

Daniel was born with extraordinary senses that allow him to see hear and feel spirit. Daniel is also extremely intuitive and works with his hunches to guide his clients.

Daniel is known for his excellence in reading photographs.

Daniel has direct communication with the spirit world. He has mastered his gift by practicing meditation and fine tuning his abilities while living a healthy lifestyle. Daniel is an artistic, multi-faceted, energetic and healthy man whose hobbies and life interests are diverse. Daniel lives life to the full and is much more than a Spirit Medium.

How Daniel can help

You can see Daniel for a private reading in Sydney’s South. You can keep watch of the events section of this page to see when Daniel is coming to your area and see him for a private reading or attend one of his live shows.

Daniels clients are astounded, relieved, moved and surprised by what happens in a sitting.Just like yourself, Daniel has no idea what will happen during your reading, he is often just as surprised as you will be while he passes on the information to you from spirit. Daniel strongly prefers to know nothing about you until you meet him to achieve the best connection.

When you are ready to book, follow the process on our booking page, and prepare for your reading.