Online Psychic & Spiritual Development Course



Course starts on Friday July 1st 2022 and goes for 6 weeks

Have you ever wanted to tune into your own psychic abilities and fine tune them?

Do you want to have a more in-depth understanding of the spirit world?

Do you want to learn about dreams, auras and how to charge your own crystal for personal power?

Have you always felt that you are gifted but are not sure what to do with it?

Excited to have a certificate that you have trained under Daniel Hawken for your wall, personal keepsake or resume?

In this exciting certified intensive online course with world class Celebrity Medium Daniel Hawken you will be able to learn and develop all these things and more.

It was 29 years ago that Daniel did his first ever reading and he has been reading professionally for 24 years and has all the knowledge to help you hone in and fine tune your own psychic abilities


“I have worked so hard for so long, in fact this has been my lifes work it is all I have ever done.. I love what I do, and I am looking forward to taking 3 months off from doing readings to write my course and teach it to those that are wanting to learn, I am super excited on a soul level!” 

When I was growing up I never had internet, no mentor and no teacher, it was just me, my thoughts and the spirits. I have so much knowledge and it will be lovely to share it and help people who are looking to develop further. People have been asking me for the last 15 years if I will teach them, now is that time” – Daniel Hawken 


In this course you will be working on one particular topic each week

You will be given homework on the weeks chosen topic


There will be a weekly group chat where Daniel revises where you will be able to have your input 


Daniel will have a frequently asked Q & A section


Daniel will post several times a week with helpful reading material written from his knowledge to help you along your path


Daniel will check into the group several times a week to make sure his students are doing OK 


The great thing is that if you are busy some days you will always be able to log in and catch up in your own time


All that Daniel asks is that you do check in and complete any reading tasks and or/homework 


As you all know Daniel does nothing by halves he is a perfectionist and what you are reading here is just skimming the surface to what you will learn. Are you ready to go on a magical 6 week journey with Daniel?


Don’t miss out on this lifetime opportunity to be trained by Daniel Hawken 


Daniel always has surprises up his sleeve and who knows perhaps he will throw in a surprise or two

It does not matter where in the world or what time zone you are in, you will still be able to participate fully in the course. Also it does not matter what time to log into the group as you will be able to read and study in your own time.

Please note: You will need to have a Facebook profile with a clear face photo and your legal name to participate in this course. This is a Psychic and Spiritual Development course and does not include Mediumship. 

For international participants additional charges apply for the shipment of your certificate. Please check the box so your certificate can be sent to you at the conclusion of the course.

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